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Mr. Bennet played by Donald Sutherland

Mr. Bennet is a married gentlemen with his wife Mrs. Bennet and five daughters, but no son to continue his heir. This causes his wife to worry and their estate to fall into hands of a distant male relative whom may not take to heart in his will and wishes for his estate.

Because Mr Bennet has no immediate male heir, the estate is entailed upon his next closest male relative, Mr. Collins. While his current heir is his distant second(?) cousin, Mr. William Collins; but if, before his death, one of his daughters should be able to present him with a grandson, said-grandson would then become the new heir of the entailment over a distant cousin, by virtue of being his closest living male blood relative (this is likely why Mr. Collins' late father, Mr. Collins Sr., before his death, urged his son to 'mend the rift' with the Bennets; if his son were to be the husband of one of Mr. Bennet's daughters, it would reinforce Collins' claim to Longbourn, and furthermore if he were to be the father of said-grandson).


Mr. Bennet is a gentlemen of less words. Often times throughout the story, he portrays alot of reluctance towards his wife, Mrs. Bennet. Other times, he genuinely shows that he cares for his wife.


He loves his family and daughters dearly. His second daughter, Elizabeth Bennet, holds his highest sentiments while all hold natural rapport for him for a daughter's love for a father. Often times, he refers to his youngest daughters (sometimes Mary) as being very "silly"

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