Episode 77: Tour Leader




Tour Leader is the 77th episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the first episode in the Pemberley Arc. Tour Leader is also the first episode starring Gigi Darcy.


Tour Leader starts with Lizzie announcing that she is visiting Pemberley Digital, and that Charlotte had pointed out that Pemberley was owned by William Darcy, and that she had tried to get out of visiting Pemberley, but that she would be unable to complete her studies if she neglected to visit Pemberley. At that moment, the tour guide who was leading Lizzie appears, and tells her that everybody at Pemberley watched Lizzie's diaries, before she has to leave. Lizzie then continues to talk about Pemberley, when the tour guide appears again, who is asked by Lizzie about how many people at Pemberley knows about her diaries, at which the guide reveals that it was actually only her who watched Lizzie's diaries. The guide disappears for some time, and then returns with documents for Lizzie. As the guide leaves, she tells Lizzie her name, at which Lizzie realizes that the guide is actually Georgiana Darcy, William Darcy's younger sister.


Tour Leader - Ep 77

Tour Leader - Ep 77