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Episode 20: Vegas, Bitches




Vegas, Bitches!! is the 20th episode of Lydia Bennet!, and the first episode in the Las Vegas Arc. In Lizzie Bennet Episode 73: 2 + 1, Lydia got mad at Lizzie, and, in episode Lizzie Bennet Episode 74: How to Hold a Grudge, stated that she would go to Las Vegas where "People actualy appreciate my [Lyida's] epic ability to party".


In Vegas, Bitches!!, Lydia starts by apologizing to the viewers for "Leaving you with Lizzie for so long", and then states that she is in Las Vegas, and that she is going to have some friends come over to "make this town our bitch, and party hard into the night every night". Lydia then says that she will start without her friends, and "grab some booze, hunt down some boys, and break some hearts". Lydia then gives a warning to Lizzie that if she is watching Lydia's videos, she should stop because "You [Lizzie] will not like what you see"