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George Wickham
Mr. Wickham.jpeg
Mr. Wickham as played by Rupert Friend
Gender Male
Played by Rupert Friend
Spouse(s) Lydia Bennet

George Wickham is a young man in his mid to late 20's. He was the son of the late Mr Darcy's steward. His father died which Mr. Darcy told him as his second son. He roughly around the same age as Fitzwilliam Darcy.


During the novel, he manages to seduce everyone around him with his polite and cheery manners, making him a true Austen villian. All the ladies love his looks, especially Eliza and Lydia. He manages to entrance Eliza, by feeding into her dislike of Mr. Darcy, until she learns the truth about Mr. Wickham's past, and begins to doubt his intentions. Unfortunately, Eliza does not warn her family about the real Mr. Wickham, and is thus unable to save Lydia from disgrace (Lydia and Wickham were conducting very scandalous affairs that came to light when Lydia went to Brighton). He and Lydia later marry, but do not live in marital bliss, as they are always out of money, and always have to look for work.


George Wickham is described as handsome and charismatic that attracts the attention of all women including Elizabeth and Lydia. He is a very skilled liar as he was able to make Elizabeth dislike Darcy more if it hadn't been for her aunt and Darcy himself who told her the truth of Wickham's past. Also, he pretended to love Lydia fully aware that he has no intentions of marrying her until Darcy intervened and bribed him to marry Lydia to save the Bennet's honor.


Lydia Bennet[]

Lydia is George's wife. When Lydia was in London, she and Wickham eloped despite Lydia and him didn't have enough money and when he had no intentions of marrying her. It was not until Darcy tracked the duo in London and bribed Wickham to marry Lydia in secret and start a new life and offered a second chance.

Fitzwilliam Darcy[]

Darcy was Wickham's former childhood friend when Wickham's father was a steward working for the Darcy family. When they went to school together, Darcy became a scholar and gentlemen while Wickham became a disgrace and a gambler. Darcy had to bail him out when his debts went too far. Wickham went even far to seduce Georgina (Darcy's sister) in promise of love if it hadn't been for his intervention and from that day on refused to look, talk or even help Wickham in anyway. It was not until the love for Elizabeth Bennet that he was able to use to his advantage to bribe Wickham to keep away from the Bennet family except with Lydia. From that day on, they became sworn enemies.


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